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I've Pledged You My Heart

Let the stars, my princess, fade and fall
To me they simply wonít matter at all
Cause when I got you I got sunshine
Who needs the stars when you are mine?

Take my hand, princess, trust me Iíll never let go
How can I ever let my life go
Iíll always be there through thick and thin
Let the earth pass away, but my love will never dim

You, my princess, mean the world to me,
And Iím certain our love was meant to be
Cause itís been like that right from the start
I have loved you with every beat of my heart.

So come, my princess, come and stay
Accept my heart I humbly pray
Cause youíre my first love and youíre the last
Thereíll be no other, Iíve pledged you my heart.

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Free Musical E-Cards