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Understanding Of Love

Love is sweet, love is kind
It isn't just a piece of mind
Love is something you need to give
Something that we share and believe

Love doesn't mind you
To cry a tear or two
But true love isn't sad
It's never bad.

Love is unique
Something like an antique
When it's broken
It seems to be forsaken

But then someone comes and see the gold
All that's scattered now is whole to hold.
What is love, you ask
Well, it's something that can never be fully described
It's different to everyone and it's really up to you to decide.

Love is powerful yet can be weak
Something that everyone seems to seek
Love is mindful and understanding
When everything falls, it'll be the last one standing

Though it seems like a small matter
Never judge emotion by its size
Understand what love is
You'll see what a world there is.

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