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A Girl Is Falling Asleep In Her Religious Education Lesson

A girl is falling asleep in her religious education lesson at school and her teacher wants to catch her out so she asks her a question.

"Amy, who invented the Earth?"

So the boy next to her trys to wake her up by poking her with his pencil and she sits up and screams, "God Almighty".

"Thats right" the teacher replies.

A little while later Amy starts to fall asleep again so the teacher trys to catch her out again with another question.

"Amy, what was the name of the lords son?"

Again, the boy next to her pokes her with his pencil.

"Jesus Christ" Amy shouts.

"Thats right" the teacher replies, now starting to get annoyed.

Once more, Amy falls asleep so the teacher trys one more time.

"Amy, what did Eve say to Adam after they had their 21st child?"

The boy next to her pokes her again.

Amy then shouts......For f**ks sake, if you poke me with that once more I'm going to snap it and stick it up your a**.

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