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Something Round And Hard

Johnny was sitting in class and the teacher told the class that they were going to do a thinking activity.

"I'm going to reach into this bag and describe an object to you and then you let me know what you think it is. Okay class, here we go."

She reaches into the bag and says, "I am holding something that is round, hard, and red." Sally raises her hand and says, "It's an apple." "Very good," the teacher says. "I like the way you're thinking.

Now I am holding something round, hard, and yellow." Georgie raises his hand and says, "It's a lemon." "Very good," the teacher says. " I like the way you're thinking."

At this point Johnny jumps up and yells, "Okay teacher. I have my hand in my pocket and I'm holding something round, hard, and with a head on it!"

"You're disgusting!" the teacher says. "Go to the office!" Whereupon Johnny pulls out a quarter and says, "You're wrong, but I like the way you're thinking!"

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