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The Greatest And Most Intelligent Leader

There's a plane flying over the Atlantic, and on board are the Pope, Thierry Henry, George Bush, Akon and a young schoolboy.

Suddenly the plane goes into a nose - dive, and the pilot announces over the intercom that everybody needs to bail out with a parachute as the plane will crash in 60 seconds.

However there are only 5 parachutes. So Akon takes a parachute, says, "I am one of the greatest artists of the 21st century, my fans need me", and takes a pack and jumps off the plane.

Next, Thierry Henry walks to the edge and says "I am a great footballer. My club and supporters need me," and grabs a parachute and jumps off the plane.

Next up is George Bush, who says "I am the greatest and most intelligent leader that has ever lived. The world needs me," and grabs a pack a jumps off the plane.

The Pope says to the young schoolboy, "Child, I am an old man, and will be with God soon. Take a parachute and live your life".

The schoolboy replies, "Don't worry sir, there's a parachute for both of us, because the greatest leader of all time took my schoolbag!"

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