Try our simple quiz to test how much you really know about Australia.

If you are a true blue, fair dinkum Aussie, then you should be able to get most of these Australian general knowledge questions right.

If you are not an Aussie, give it a try anyway and lets see how you go. Good luck!

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1. What is the largest Australian state in terms of population size?

(A) Victoria
(B) Western Australia
(C) New South Wales
(D) Northern Territory
(E) Queensland

2. What city is the national capital of Australia?

(A) Brisbane
(B) Melbourne
(C) Canberra
(D) Sydney
(E) Alice Springs

3. Who became the first white settlers and urban Australians?

(A) Army troops from Ireland
(B) Old Wales government in exile
(C) Criminals from Britain
(D) White explorers from Austria
(E) Immigrants from Scotland

4. Which one of these sports is not commonly played in Australia?

(A) Limited-overs cricket
(B) Polo
(C) Rugby league
(D) Rugby union
(E) Aussie rules footy

5. What is the Significance of Anzac Day?

(A) Commemorate troops who fought in world war I
(B) Celebrate the establishment of Australia
(C) Honour the first Governor-General of Australia
(D) Remember when Australia fought against New Zealand
(E) Pay respect to aboriginals who suffered during white settlement

6. Who is Donald Bradman?

(A) First Prime Minister of Australia
(B) Very well known Australian painter during the late 1890's
(C) Legendary Australian Test cricketer
(D) Famous Australian bushranger who got hanged
(E) Hero and Captain to lead Australia to the 1956 Soccer World Cup

7. Which one of these funny phrase is an Aussie slang?

(A) Put another shrimp on the barbie
(B) G'day mate, how's it going?
(C) Crikey, the bloke is arriving this arvo
(D) Bloody oath, I reckon she's fair dinkum
(E) All of the above is an Aussie slang

8. Where would you find the Royal Australian Mint?

(A) Melbourne
(B) Perth
(C) Canberra
(D) Brisbane
(E) Sydney

9. Which one of these Australian celebrities doesn't play professional sport?

(A) Shane Warne
(B) Peter Everitt
(C) Leyton Hewitt
(D) Peter Costello
(E) Ian Thorpe

10. In the Australian National Anthem, which verse comes after "Australians all let us rejoice"?

(A) Our home is girt by sea
(B) Our home is girt by ocean
(C) Advance Australia Fair
(D) For let us hear their voice
(E) For we are young and free

11. What is a didgeridoo?

(A) Wind instrument made from hollow tree branch
(B) Hunting tool for killing wild birds
(C) An Aussie slang word meaning guitar
(D) Weapon for fighting other aboriginal tribes
(E) Two sticks used to light fires by primitive aboriginals

12. Which one of these animals is not native to Australia?

(A) Kangaroo
(B) Giraffe
(C) Dingo
(D) Koala
(E) Emu

13. Who was the Prime Minister of Australia before John Howard?

(A) Bob Hawke
(B) Malcolm Fraser
(C) Paul Keating
(D) Kim Beazley
(E) Mark Latham

14. Which one of these is an Australian airline?

(A) Brissy Airways
(B) Airoos Australia
(C) Frontier Airlines
(D) Joey Red
(E) Virgin Blue

15. What is the name of Miss Australia who won the Miss Universe title in 2004?

(A) Gretel Colleen
(B) Ally Mansell
(C) Schapelle Corby
(D) Bec Cartwright
(E) Jennifer Hawkins

16. What year did Australia host the Sydney Olympic games?

(A) 1956
(B) 1972
(C) 1996
(D) 2000
(E) 2004

17. What is the total number of States and Territories in Australia?

(A) 5
(B) 6
(C) 7
(D) 8
(E) 9

18. The term "the race that stops the nation" refers to?

(A) Australian Grand Prix motor racing
(B) Melbourne Cup horse racing
(C) Mens Australian 100m Sprint Championship
(D) Mens 1500m Swimming Australia Skins
(E) Sydney city to surf running race

19. Which one of these famous Australians is not an Aboriginal?

(A) Ernie Dingo
(B) Cathy Freeman
(C) Natasha Stotdespoya
(D) Gavin Wanganeen
(E) Anthony Mundine

20. The Australian of the Year Award goes to who?

(A) Australian celebrity who is becoming a rising star
(B) Hero who serve the country in the Australian defence force
(C) Successful businessman who makes the most profit
(D) Best singer voted by the Australian public
(E) Anyone who inspires fellow Australians and contributes to the nation

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